About CPR Certification St. Petersburg

We at CPR Certification St Petersburg will give you the knowledge and assurance needed to do CPR and first aid in any emergency situation. Everyone is welcome to attend our classes, including medical students, family members or caregivers of high-risk patients, boy/girl scouts, lifeguards, and all other kinds of employees!

We use a hands-on approach in the classroom as we spend more time acting out emergency situations than we do watching videos or reading from a book. We have created a teaching method that actively engages students while covering all the course material in the least amount of time. We also adapt our courses to the particular needs of groups who wish to hire us for private sessions.

More than that, we are a company that listens. We hear all our students’ concerns and employ the latest tools and materials so that each student enjoys a safe and informative program.

Our goal is to positively mold and influence people through the promotion of health and safety at home, in the workplace, and in local communities. Committed to helping others, CPR Certification St Petersburg is exactly here for that reason!